Hi !!!
I am Vincent Wauters.
I am French and I have been living and working in L.A. since 2006.
I have a Fine Art, Graphic Design and Visual Effects Background. I've worked in the visual effects industry since 1999, as an artist and supervisor,
constantly and increasingly involved in creative roles until I became a partner at Fellow L.A. in 2013, as a full time Creative Director.
I am passionate about my work, curious and dedicated. I enjoy the process of creating, making and bringing ideas to life.




Fellow / Creative Director, Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead Compositor - (2013 - Now)
Logan / Creative, Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead Compositor - (2008 - 2013)
Mac Guff Ligne Los Angeles / Visual Effects Supervisor and Digital Artist - (2006-2007)
Mac Guff Ligne Paris / Visual Effects Supervisor and Digital Artist – (2000-2006)

Sparx /  
Digital Artist - (1999-2000)

As a Creative Director and Supervisor :
Pitching, Developing looks and creating Style Frames, Boards, Design, Bidding.

Writing treatments, drawing Storyboards, developing storytelling.
Artistic leading on Animation, VFX
and Live Action projects
Technical leading on CGI 2d, 3d projects
and Live Action projects . 
Digital effects researching and previewing.
On Set VFX Supervision.
Building of specifics pipelines adapted to each production, integrating 3D Characters animation, 3D modeling, rendering, compositing and software tools research and development.
Team building, driving and advising.

As a Artist :
Compositing and Grading, Finishing, Lighting, Shading, Modeling and Texturing. Programming Python Tools and Scripts, Nuke Plugins.


Softwares: Nuke, Nuke Studio, Adobe Suite, Maya, Vray, Octane Render Basics, Flame / Flare / Smoke Basics, Houdini Basics... 
Operating systems: Linux, Windows family, Mac OS X, Silicon Graphic Irix. 
Programming : Python, HTML, PHP, Sh. Scripts, Nuke TCL + Python Scripting, C++ Basics, Perl Basics, Alias Mel Scripts Basics. 

Digital Directing Degree - Engineer Degree : SupInfocom, Valenciennes, France (1997-2000)  - www.supinfocom.fr
Graphic Art & Fine Art Degree : Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Cambrai, France. (1996-1997)
Scientific Serial Bachelor : Speciality in Math, Physics, Biology. Lycée Gallilee, 76 Franqueville St Pierre, France. (1993-1995)