Dashboard - Pipeline Toolkit (python / CGI / html)

Dashboard is a VFX pipeline tool, it's a web base control panel and communication tool for any artists, producers, project manager on the project.

Pretty much anything you want to do on a VFX project can be done through Dashboard. From dealing with your own assets to watching project advancement, browsing the files in the project (in different sites, here LA and NY), sharing your work with others, gathering references, edits, last comps and renders, synchronizing files with another site, creating and sharing movies, sending reports, communicating with your coworkers and your team, and much more...

Artists, Producers and project managers have been using Dashboard at Logan since 2009.

I have created the code in a way so additions can be made with simple modules, the dashboard has evolved and continues changing...  

It would be a little long to explain in detail what the Dashboard does... So here are a bunch of screen shots.