Borderlands 2 Live Action Trailer

Recently finished the VFX Supervision on this commercial for video game Bordelrands 2...
Fun project, fun shoot, and a good team to achieve the effects on a tight schedule ! 


8 Full CG spots for Lexus website, for their new RX Model, directed by Logan. I was Compositing Lead on all the spots, and I also did Modeling, Texturing, Matte Painting, Shading and Lighting on the Smartbeam spot.
4 movies here, all the spots on Logan Website 





Apple Paint

Apple iPod Nano Commercial for TV, directed by Logan. I was Supervisor and Compositing Lead on this one.
(Sorry for the poor video quality, it's the only youtube link I found and I can't use the final version because of Apple policy.)

Sony Resistance 2 Trailer

Trailer for the Sony video game Resistance 2, directed by Logan. I was Compositing Lead on this project, I also did some Modeling and Texturing here and there. Then I did Shading, Lighting and Compositing on the last sequence (from the Bridge to the End Title).